A Passage To Burma


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at the morning marketThere is plenty of sights and views you can see in Burma. Colonial buildings in Yangon, exotic pagodas, rich historic remains at Mandalay, huge natural resources, and riverside life seems all attractive at first sight. But the most important spot you have to see now in Burma is NOT listed above. These are all conservable and are difficult to visit with content under the circumstances.

a boyIt is the movements, faces, voices, and touches of the people you must feel. All these are tender existences and are easy to fade before impudent cultures. And paradoxically, the weakness is part of the attraction of this country.

The reason I emphasis the word NOW has originated from the historical experiences I hear in another countries such as Laos or Thailand. These Buddhism countries were religiously weak (which is the only thing we can confront entropically strong cultures). Burma is the same in this point.

“Luckily”, the government is as it is, and now the only cultural fears is from China which is not yet systematic. This is the chance. If you want to know the truth, the only way is to go there. Don't miss countrysides is my suggestion.


Seven Years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrer [en, ja]
Though the book has indirect meaning to Burma, it suggests us to think about the international isolation, domestic order, and the originality of the culture.
Film by Bradd Pitt is great, but its screenplay is rather poor. Japanese translation is brilliant.
A Passage to India by E.M. Forster [en, ja]
Humanity between different culture is the author's own ability, as well as the book's colonial color. You must learn how to act in front of the locals or how to show full respect to your new friends.
Burmese Days by George Orwell [en, ja]
Starting point.
Finding George Orwell in Burma by Emma Larkin[en, ja]
Achievement is no doubt great. The author's linguistic ability and vitality to reveal the political truth is far beyond ordinary. But the motivation is just the same as that of European journalism. That is the turning point.
Some of you may find the faith in the book completely turns over before and after the trip. The same occured to me.
Lonely Planet Myanmar (Burma) [en, sample]
Last but not least, Lonely Planet. This country guide outstands amongst all. The opening, given in the sample page, embodies the aim.

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