coLinux on Vista


Nowadays, those who are using Macs don't have “minority feeling”. (Needless to say about iPods.) Even more, there is some disappointments about Macs.

Still there are considerable reasons to use Macs

But for a secondary machine, let us consider another choice. My decision was ThinkPad X61. Lightweight full spec machine along with world's best keyboard and breathtaking track point system was attractive even for experienced Mac users like me. If you want to use Windows for some reason, e.g. MS Office, .NET Framework, DirectX, etc, decision would be easy to make.

However, it is impossible to forget seamless CUI-GUI combination we witnessed on OSX. As you may already knew, DOS Prompt is mere garbage, Cygwin is for a schoolboy, and the direction of virtual machine leads to dreadful consequences. Therefore the alternative direction we take must be the same: Linux. But again we notice that dual-booting Linux from different partition is unrealistic solution. Now only one choice is left: coLinux.

Set Up

In conclusion, as you can easily imagine, Vista+coLinux cannot exceed OSX+Terminal. Connection between coLinux and Windows is tour de force, e.g. we can't use open command. But it is the reasonable selection for those who don't want to waste time just for religious reason.

XP Users

You have no problem at all. There is enough information on the web. Have fun with coLinux!

Vista Users

If this is a first attack for Windows, you may be struggling with clumsy settings on Vista. This article could be some help, but I'm sure that it may take you at least full 30 days tuning up Vista to create a pleasant computing environment.


On Vista, there is critical disability. You CANNOT use WiFi networks along with coLinux. You must turn off your wireless networks before you boot coLinux. If you can bare this thrilling situation, please proceed below or you must downgrade Vista to XP.

  1. Install Firefox
  2. Install Vista SP1
  3. Install 7Zip
  4. Download coLinux
  5. Download FS image such as Ubuntu.FS
  6. Turn off WiFi networks
  7. Install coLinux
  8. Edit hoge.conf
  9. Boot Linux (Ubuntu)

This is all you have to do to get access to Linux right beside of Vista. Google for more information.


List of free softwares (except 1) I'm using on the Vista,

and on coLinux.


I would like to appreciate for the presentation of cosy Linux environment by PiraPira. It's becoming more and more difficult to trail the development of computer industry. And having a good source of information is crucial for us.